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helios Synt 75W-80 gear oil

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Fully Synthetic Universal Transmission Oil; Gear Oil TX 75W-80 is a high quality fuel saving synthetic thermally stable long life gear lubricant designed for passenger- and commercial vehicles using manual transmissions fitted with different synchronizers including latest ones based on carbon.

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Gear Oil TX 75W-80 is based on high quality synthetic base oil in combination with a special additive package to ensure the following properties:

- Exceptional thermo- and oxidative stability.
- Superior lubricating properties provide improved fuel economy.
- Exceptional load bearing characteristics.
- Effective rust and corrosion protection.
- Outstanding low temperature fluidity provides smoother shifting at low ambient temperatures.
- Good gear engagement with a variety of synchronizer materials including latest carbon.
- Good frictional properties provide improved fuel economy and smoother shiftability.

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