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Hydraulicoil HD 20W-20

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Hydraulic fluid 20W-20 is required for use in transmissions and hydraulics. Single-grade engine oils are suitable for use in stationary applications such as pumps running continuously at steady state conditions.

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail

- high thermal stability and good oxidation resistance
- Use in gearboxes and hydraulics prescribed by manufacturers
- Used in stationary systems and pumps that run continuously under steady conditions
- Can be used as air compressor oil type VCL according to DIN 51 506

Initial filling from manufacturers (for example Liebherr et al.)
Single-grade engine oils perform similarly to detergent HLPD hydraulic oils.

Motor oil HD 20W-20 contains additive packages. The high proportion of cleaning agents and soil carriers is not needed for hydraulic systems.

Specification: API CF II - May not be used in Detroit diesel two-stroke engines

Use as engine oil 20W-20 Gear oil - diesel engine oil for commercial vehicles

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