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helios Molyfett MoS2

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helios MOS2 Moly grease NLGI 2 black, grease with emergency running properties, MAN 285 Li-PF

High quality multipurpose moly grease that can be used in both industrial and automotive applications. The molybdenum disulphide gives extra protection in applications with slow moving or oscillating bearings. Lubricating greases with molybdenum disulphide are not suitable for rolling bearings at high speed. helios Molyfett MoS² is approved according to “MAN 285 Li-PF 2”

Grease Packaging: 18 kg Hobbock

• Good mechanical stability
• Very high load carrying capacity
• Good corrosion protection

helios Molyfett MoS² is a state-of-the-art multipurpose moly grease which can be used in various applications within given temperature limits. The lubricating grease offers good mechanical stability, load carrying capacity and corrosion protection, making it suitable for heavily loaded bearings as well as wet environments.

Colour Visual Dark grey
NLGI Grade ASTM D217 2
Dropping point IP 396 >180°C
Base oil viscosity at 40°C ISO 12058 200 mm2/s
Base oil viscosity at 100°C ISO 12058 15 mm2/s
4-ball weld load DIN 51350:4 3600 N
Temperature range -30°C to +120°C Max +130°C

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NLGI grease
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