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helios HT +150 heat EP grease Polymer-Clay

helios HT +150 heat EP grease Polymer-Clay is a bentone clay thickened lubricating grease based on mineral oil. The grease contain antioxidants and EP/AW additives. HEAVY LOADS, HIGH TEMPERATURE, WATER RESISTANT

Grease Packaging: 18 kg Hobbock

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 16.

Temperature range -20°C to +150°C (max +220°C)
No melting point
Good load carrying capacity
Very good thermal resistance

The inorganic thickener makes the product suitable for applications within a very wide temperature range, especially at elevated temperatures. The high viscosity of the oil blend ensures a good ability to maintain lubrication at high loads.
helios HT +150 heat EP grease Polymer-Clay is a high performance product suitable for both industrial and automotive applications. The product’s all-round properties makes it a good option for various types of bearing applications. Color orange.

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