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helios EAL pipe bending gel

VAT included

Helios EAL Bending Gel Bio is produced on the basis of esters, synthesized from natural raw materials.
helios EAL Bending Grease Bio is a gel in the tube on the mandrel body supports the bending process and protects the material during forming. Double tool life compared to other products. It is washable in a water-jet device.

Grease Packaging: 25 kg Hobbock

Is used in special applications and approved as tube bending grease in industrial mass production.

- Simple conveyed to the mandrel - Smudge
- Suitable central lubrication systems
- Wide temperature application range up to -25 ° C
- 100% more productivity due to low product use and accurate placement at the lubrication point. Not running away.
- Easy washable with steam cleaners
- Energy efficiency by reducing pumping load
- Environmentally friendly Gel
When changing to liquefy organic precursor of the lithium thickener EAL Rohbiegemittel. Rinse well.
Due to the proven in practice twice the service life of helios EAL Bending Grease BIO means productivity is about 100% higher, our price offer approximately 50% cheaper than qualified competitive products.

Copper corrosion Cu 24/100 ° C = 1 in accordance with DIN 51 811
If waterjet insufficient something surfactant / detergent for washing enforce. Cleaning Depending on the work preparation and follow-up if necessary with petroleum or mineral spirits. For following Corrosion and transport protection we offer AntiCorr 846 (Wax Oil tack free) or Helios Turbo Encor 35 (crystalline surface protection).
The Best Environmental Protection: helios EAL Rohrbiegemittel Bio saves resoucs and is environmentally friendly!

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