• helios-81623585-MSS-Metal-Saw-Oil

helios MSS Metall-Schneid-Sprühöl 45

VAT included

Cutting and spray oil for sawing of metal sheets - low vaporization - good adhesive wear capacity - reliable heat dissipation - excellent lubrication - noise reducing

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail

helios MSS metal cutting-oil is in industrial applications

• low evaporation
• good adhesion carrying capacity
• reliable heat dissipation
• cooling and lubricating effect
• contains no chlorine ingredients
• silicone-free
• foaming and low mist
• prolongs the life of saws

Use in metal cutting and light sheet metal processing.
Application: drip-feed or permanent, brush or spray
Applicable to all metals such as z.B.Stahl, brass, aluminum, iron, etc.
We recommend that you test the application on a non visible spot.
Do not mix with water. Protect from frost.

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