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Hocut 4471

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Water-miscible metalworking fluidHOCUT 4471 is recommended for general machining and grinding of high-alloy steels, heat resista

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HOCUT 4471 is an advanced, semi-synthetic, boron-free emulsion technology, the extremely long
Lubricant life and increased cutting performance than conventional products possible.

- Wide range of applications - ideal for general machining and grinding operations on ferrous and steel materials
- Special lubricity additives: for extended wheel life
- Very stable emulsion: less use of additives and low application costs
- Excellent cleaning power: clean workpieces, machine tools and work environment
- Very low foaming: ideal for high-velocity and pressure at medium to hard water
- Does not contain boron: No SVHC classification according to REACH
- Does not contain boron, formaldehyde, chlorine and phenol.
- Contains only after TRGS611 approved amines: excellent EHS profile (environment, health, safety)

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Machining titanium, Hard metal grinding

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