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GARIA 201 F-10
  • GARIA 201 F-10

GARIA 201 F-10


Many machining operations such as milling, drilling, reaming, deep drilling and thread cutting have proven themselves. GARIA® 201 F-10 achieves excellent results when processing low-alloy steels, magnesium and especially aluminum. GARIA® 201 F-10 has also proven itself in many grinding operations. Good results are achieved especially when grinding crankshafts.

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail
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Is used undiluted. Permanent temperatures above 50 ° C should be avoided.

GARIA® 201 F-10 is based on hydrogen-treated mineral oil with a low aromatic content. A combination of polar high pressure and wear protection additives give the product a high pressure absorption capacity. This enables an excellent surface quality of the machined workpieces and improved tool life.

GARIA® 201 F-10 is free of chlorine and heavy metals.

- Reduced costs: longer oil service lives through selected raw materials
- Reduced costs: improved tool life thanks to special high pressure and lubrication properties
- Reduced costs: higher productivity through special lubrication properties
- High employee acceptance: light oil for good observation of the machining processes