Fenella VD 401 N (thin sheet punching + evaporation)
  • Fenella VD 401 N (thin sheet punching + evaporation)

Fenella VD 401 N (thin sheet punching + evaporation) QH PRESSMAX VL 4660

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Fenella VD 401 N renamed QH PRESSMAX VL 4660 is for drawing and punching thin non-ferrous + ferrous metals. The product is based on high-aromatics solvents with low aromatics and with additives. High lubricity with low residue after evaporation. Undiluted use.

lube packaging: Drum 205 litre
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Fenella VD 401 N free of chlorine, active sulfur and heavy metals.

Use undiluted

Viscosity at 40 ° C mm² / s: 1.5

Flash point: 60 ° C

Pour point: -21 ° C

Fenella VD 401 N:

- Reduces costs - higher productivity due to special lubricating properties

- Reduces costs - Easily washable with commercially available cleaners

- High employee acceptance - Good safety at work + environmental profile; free of chlorine and other critical ingredients

- Light oil for a good observation of the machining operations

The recommended storage temperature is usually between 5 ° C and 40 ° C, unless stated otherwise.

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