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Corena S2 P 100

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Shell Corena S2 P 100 is high quality air compressor oil designed to deliver the lubrication performance for high pressure reciprocating compressors. It is suitable for most reciprocating air compressors running at up to 220°C discharge temperatures at elevated pressures.

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail

• Reciprocating air compressors Industrial reciprocating air compressors operating with air discharge temperatures of up to 220°C. 

• Shell Corena S2 P may be used in breathing air compressors, provided subsidiary clean-up apparatus is used to ensure that the air produced is fit for breathing.

• Prolonged service intervals Allows the interval between valve and piston maintenance to be extended. Compressors can be kept in service for much longer periods, operating at a consistently high level of efficiency. 

• Safe air lines In discharge air-lines, the combination of rust particles, dispersed in carbonaceous deposits, coupled with heat from recently compressed air, can cause an exothermic reaction leading to the possibility of fires and explosion. Corena P helps to minimise the likelihood of this danger arising. 

• Very good oxidation resistance Resistant to the formation of carbon deposits and lacquer on valves and piston crowns, caused by the by-products of corrosion, such as ferric oxides and hydroxides, at high working temperatures and pressures. Such deposits can cause serious damage, lower compressor efficiency and increase maintenance costs. 

• Very good rusting and wear protection Effectively protects all metal surfaces from corrosion. Protects all sensitive machinery parts, e.g. housings, valves, bearings, from wear and prolongs the service intervals. 

• Very good air release and anti-foam properties The careful choice of additives ensures rapid air release without excessive foaming. 

• Very good water separation properties Corena P separates readily from water allowing excess water to be drained from the oil circulation system, thus preventing accelerated corrosion and a reduction in lubrication efficiency. This also helps to separate oil from condensate in oil/water separators and drier units.

Corena S2 P 100 is approved by Bauer and is included in the “Bauer reference oil list for breathing air compressor lubricants”.

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