Emgard RW-B 75W-90 Railway Applications
  • Emgard RW-B 75W-90 Railway Applications

Emgard RW-B 75W-90 Railway Applications

Synthetic Gear Fluid for Railway Applications. Emgard® RW-B 75W-90 is a high-performance gear lubricant designed for extended drain service, improved heat management and gearbox efficiency. With an extremely low pour point and high viscosity index, this lubricant provides excellent performance over a broad temperature range. Furthermore, Emgard® RW-B 75W-90 resists oxidation; it will last significantly longer than conventional gear oils. Universal Gear Lubricant for Urban Transportation

lube packaging: Drum 209 Liter

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 20.


Emgard® RW-B 75W-90 is recommended for applications where low temperatures present major problems. These applications include final gear drives and differentials in railway applications such as trams, metro, local and high-speed trains.

Features and benefits

• Very good low and high temperature behavior
• Oil sump temperature reduction
• Good gear protection against scuffing, pitting and micro-pitting
• Extended drain intervals for less oil disposal
• Reduced maintenance and down time

Approvals OEM

Quality Level

• Chongqing CAERI
• CSR Qishuyan
• Henschel
• Siemens / Flender TA 7302
• ZF Highspeed Trains

• Voith 132.00374401

EMGARD® transmission and gear lubricants

EMGARD RW-A keine Produktion, Nachfolgeprodukte - Emgard RW-B oder Emgard HP-75

Can we continue to use the old stock of Emgard RW-A 75W-90 before changing over to Emgard RW-B 75W-90? (Source: BASF FAQ 2017 FAQ-CL-A-1701)

Yes you use old stock of Emgard RW-A 75W-90. We advising customers to use up existing supplies of Emgard RW-A 75W-90 and begin ordering the new Emgard RW-B 75W-90.

Can I mix Emgard RW-A 75W-90 with Emgard RW-B 75W-90 in my storage tank?

The new Emgard RW-B 75W-90 is fully compatible with Emgard RW-A 75W-90. Because of the slight color difference, any mixtures will appear as an intermittent color.

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