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Houghton Hydrocor CV 50 DF

HYDROCOR® CV 50 DF is an antifreeze and anticorrosive fluid as well as a water / glycol based hydraulic fluid, Environmentally friendly alternative to mineral oil-based corrosion protection and test fluids

lube packaging: Drum 209 Liter

HYDROCOR® CV 50 DF has been specially developed for use as a long-term corrosion and frost protection for the storage of hydraulic components.
HYDROCOR® CV 50 DF is also used as test liquid for e.g. Valves and punches as well as sub sea fluid use.
HYDROCOR® CV 50 DF represents an environmentally friendly alternative to mineral oil-based corrosion protection and test fluids.
HYDROCOR® CV 50 DF is used as delivered.
HYDROCOR® CV 50 DF contains a color indicator which changes from red to yellow if the alkalinity (pH value) drops due to external influences, thus indicating that sufficient corrosion protection is no longer guaranteed!

· Long-term corrosion protection in the crevice corrosion test
         RAG N 762 830 (after 28 days, 3 months, 1 year)
· Very good corrosion protection
· Low pour point
· Good low temperature behavior
· Good seal compatibility
· Good ecological behavior

· With standard elastomers (NBR, FPM, EPDM)

HYDROCOR® CV 50 DF is due to its composition according to the current state of occupational hygiene, ecological and toxicologically largely harmless.
HYDROCOR® CV 50 DF meets the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Report and has been approved by the District Government of Arnsberg for underground use.

Viscosity at 40 ° C          3 mm² / s
Viscosity at 0 ° C          14 mm² / s
Viscosity at (-) 40 ° C   90 mm² / s
Pour point                    (-) 45 ºC
Flash point                   > 100 ºC

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