Houghton Aqualink HT804Fv2
  • Houghton Aqualink HT804Fv2

Houghto-Safe WL 1 (HOUGHTO-SAFE 273 CTF)

VAT included

EAL Motion Compensator - Riser Tensioner Hydraulic Fluid - Closed loop BOP fluid. Compliant with Global environmental regulations. U.S. NavySpecification MIL-H-22072C.

Product not manufactured anymore. New product: Houghto-Safe WL 1

lube packaging: Drum 200 L

Houghto-Safe 273CTF is a fire resistant non-explosive water glycol hydraulic fluid which incorporates additives which insure long fluid life, excellent pump wear characteristics, protection against corrosion and resistance to microbiological contamination. Recommended for use in motion compensators, drill string and riser tensioners and closed loop hydraulic wellhead control systems.

- Formulated to meet 50:1 compressionignition test as specified in the U.S. NavySpecification MIL-H-22072C
- Contains no nitrites and is biodegradable
- Non sheening
- Low pour point
- Compatible with the majority of elastomers found intoday’s hydraulic systems
- Is corrosion inhibited, both in liquid and vapor phase
- Outstanding resistance to bacterial and fungalgrowth
- No pressure limitations. Pressures governed byequipment limitations
- Low foaming.
- Compliant with Global environmental regulations.

Appearance Clear pink/red fluid
Kinematic Viscosity
@ 40°C (104°F) 40 cSt
@ 20°C (68°F) 85 cSt
@ 0°C (32°F) 250 cSt
@ -10°C (14°F) 450 cSt
Specific Gravity @ 15.5°C (60°F) 1.072
Pour Point -40°C (-40°F)
Flash Point None
Fire Point None

Sudden high compressions in compensator systems could raise the temperature sufficiently to constitute a fire or explosive risk.
Hydro-pneumatic compensator systems usually incorporate long runs of high pressure pipe work with air over oil interface in their design..... and more to important deatils... contact helios lubeoil

Deliverytime depends on location of use, e.g. Aberdeen UK, Bergen, NO, places in Arabia, Asia, Afrika, US coast... additional freight charge


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