Plurasafe NF 46 4005
  • Plurasafe NF 46 4005

Plurasafe NF 46 4005

Plurasafe® NF 46 4005 offers unique advantages to the formulators of water glycol hydraulic fluids. The dilution of this concentrate yields to Plurasafe HL-HFC 460, (ISO VG 46). Its unique advantage to formulators is that it allows the use of local glycol and water and therefore minimizes transport costs. Kinematic Viscosity, 40 °C (ASTM D445) mm2/s: 1330; Pour-Point (ASTM D97): minus 37 °C

lube packaging: Drum 210 kg

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Plurasafe® NF46 4005 is relatively viscous and should be handled between 15 °C and 40 °C. In the winter it is necessary to move drum stock indoors sometime before processing.
Pumping is best achieved by a positive displacement pump such as a gear pump. A gear or rotary lube pump (11 kW) will transfer approximately 600 litres/minute at 40 °C against a 30 meter head pressure. The use of a lagged transfer line of 100 mm diameter is recommended.
Plurasafe® NF 46 4005 is compatible with mild steel and polyethylene, but will cause softening of most painted surfaces.
Bulk storage should be kept warm with a hot water or low pressure steam coil. High temperature heat sources should be avoided.
The tank can be in mild steel, but it must be well cleaned before use.
Blending procedure
Blend ratios Blends of Plurasafe® NF 46 4005 are readily prepared by adding the concentrate to a mixture of glycol and water and stirring until homogeneous. The concentrate is best handled at 40 °C when the viscosity:

wt %  Plurasafe HL-HFC 46
Plurasafe NF 46 4005  40
Monoethylene glycol  21
Water deionized   39
Total  100

Storage stability

a) Plurasafe NF 46 4005 should be kept tightly sealed in a dry place in its tightly sealed original packaging. Storerooms must not be overheated.
b) Plurasafe NF 46 4005 is hygroscopic with the result of absorbing moisture very quickly. Care needs to be taken to exclude moisture. Drums must be resealed each time they are opened.
c) Plurasafe NF 46 4005 must be blanketed with nitrogen if stored in heated tanks (at < 60 °C) to prevent from coming into contact with air. Constant, gentle stirring helps to prevent discoloration as a result of prolonged contact with electrical elements or external heating coils.
Shelf life

Provided it is stored properly and the drums are kept tightly sealed, Plurasafe NF 46 4005 has a shelf life of five years in its original packaging.


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