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helios EAL HYPERLUB Synth Compressor Oil 10.000h 46, 68

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lube viscosity

helios EAL Synth Compressor Oil 10.000h 

Viscosity mm²/s 40 °C 46 68
Pour Point, °C - 57 – 51 ASTM D97
Flash Point ,°C 276 280 ASTM D92

• Rotary screw, rotary vane, and reciprocating compressors where a polyalkylene glycol-based compressor fluid is required.

Premium air compressor lubricant that has been specially formulated for use in rotary screw compressor.

helios EAL Synth Compressor Oil 10.000h  is a blend of polyalkylene glycol and polyol ester with a performance additive system for excellent oxidation stability and extended fluid life. Due to the inherently high viscosity index of helios EAL Synth Compressor Oil 10.000h , no additional VI improvers are required in the formulation resulting in a stable product under shear forces that does not suffer any irreversible effects.

Features and benefits

• Excellent oxidation stability

• Resists the formation of carbon deposits and the formation of sludge

• Extended oil drain intervals with oil drain intervals exceeding 10,000 hours under normal operating conditions

• Low volatility for reduced oil consumption and top-up frequency

• Excellent rust and wear protection

• High viscosity index to maintain fluid viscosity in a broader range of operating temperatures

• Low foaming tendency and good air separation properties

• Compatible with common seal materials such as NBR, FKM, Silicone and EPM

• Energy efficient to reduce power consumption

• Listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (manufacturer approval)

Specifications approvals

• DIN 51506-VDL

• ISO DP 6521 (DAA; DAB; DAH; DAG)

• Suitable for use in Sullair and Ingersoll Rand air compressors


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