Transmission fluid grease-EP0_2024_A10753693
  • Transmission fluid grease-EP0_2024_A10753693

Gear Fluid Grease EP0 Transmission Fluid

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Transmission fluid grease EP0 application/use temperature range -30 degrees C to +100 degrees C, sodium saponified long-distance fluid grease with adhesive properties, high EP additives, wear-reducing properties, for gear lubrication in industry and agriculture,

TECTROL MULTI-GEAR FLUID GREASE NLGI 0, color brown, dripping point greater than 140 degrees C

Grease Packaging: Can 1kg

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Good corrosion protection. Reduces rust formation and protects the material

Very good adhesion. Secure lubricating film on components despite high stress

Good wear protection Components are protected and operating costs are reduced

NLGI 0, color brown, dripping point greater than 140 degrees C

TECTROL MULTI-GETRIEBFLIEßFETT is a sodium saponified lubricating grease

TECTROL MULTI-GETRIEBFLIEßFETT is suitable for the lubrication of normally to heavily loaded, encapsulated gearboxes and gear couplings

TECTROL MULTI-GETRIEBFLIEßFETT is suitable for all units to be filled with NLGI class 0 gearbox fluid greases

Due to its structure, TECTROL MULTI-GEAR FLUID GREASE is repeatedly drawn into the tooth mesh and thus continuously forms a stable lubricating and protective layer on the tooth flanks

TECTROL MULTI-GEAR FLUID GREASE is not pushed away even under high surface pressures and is not thrown off by centrifugal force

We recommend that you follow the instructions from the unit manufacturers. The minimum storage period is 12 months if stored properly and carefully in dry rooms at temperatures between 0°C and 40°C and in originally sealed containers. The provision of a durability guarantee is not linked to the specification of the minimum storage period.


Hazard Statements: H319 Causes serious eye irritation.

Precautionary statements: P262 Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing

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