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Hocut 7660 titanium processing

HOCUT 7660 Water - miscible metalworking fluid Cooling lubricant for heavy to very heavy machining steps successfully used in the processing of stainless steels, high - alloyed steel and aluminum alloys. Titanium processing High-performance cooling lubricant.


Hocut 7660 is advanced, boron and formaldehyde-free emulsion technology with high lubricity, which provides an extremely long lubricant life and higher cutting performance than conventional
Products. A special additive package extends the performance of aluminum alloys for the automotive industry compared to conventional products.

HOCUT 7660 is successfully used as a cooling lubricant for heavy to very heavy machining operations in the machining of stainless steels, high alloy steel and aluminum alloys.
HOCUT 7660 is used at a concentration of 8% to 10% for honing composites (e.g., Lagergasse: Al alloy with gray cast iron).
HOCUT 7660 is ideally suited when high demands are placed on the surface quality, Such as drilling, reaming (MAPAL), thread cutting and shaping.
The versatile product has also been developed for the low-foaming use in medium-hard waters.

Medium hard cutting 4 - 6%
Heavy cutting 5 - 10%

o High lubricity: highly developed package of mineral oil and polar additives extends tool life
o Extremely long lubricant life: the new special technology of the Hocut 7660 series extends the cleaning intervals
o Very stable emulsion: less use of additives and lower application costs
o Very low foaming: ideal for high speeds and pressures in soft water
o Borfrei: no SVHC classification according to REACh
o Excellent EHS profile (environment, health, safety): Free from boron, chlorine, phenol, formaldehyde and secondary amines (corresponds to TRGS 611)

The recommended storage temperature is normally between 5 ° C and 40 ° C

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