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Oil Sorbents

Oil Sorbents+ chemical Absorbent nonwovens that absorb only oil (even soaked) float on water. Usual commercial waste "oil rag"

Lint-free wipes. Absorbent carpet for the floor; only change small areas when spilling.

The capacity is up to 25 times its own weight. (For example, pre-cut barrel cover barrel suction wiping, care and cleaning wipes about 85 grams = sucked about 1.25 liters of engine oil)

Consumption and disposal are particularly time and cost saving with high economy and productivity.

- Low weight and quick to use

- No dust winding No sweeping and sweeping

- Preventive use prevents slipping hazard (here especially absorbent mat)

- Controlled, economical use of quantity (in contrast to litter and granules)

- Good fuel value at disposal, with less than 0.05% ash residue

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