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Shell Helix HX7 Diesel 10W-40
  • Shell Helix HX7 Diesel 10W-40

Shell Helix HX7 Diesel

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Synthetic technology motor oil - Helps to keep engines clean and running efficiently. Shell Helix HX7 Diesel helps to keep diesel engines clean and running efficiently by helping to prevent the formation of sludge and engine deposits. It is suitable for a wide variety of modern light-duty vehicles driven in demanding traffic conditions.

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Shell Helix HX7 Diesel helps to prolong the engine life of modern vehicles in demanding daily traffic conditions by protecting against wear. Shell Helix HX7 can be used for passenger car diesel enignes (without particulate filters)and it is also suitable for use with biodiesel.

·Synthetic Technology
Uses both synthetic and mineral base stocks to achieve higher performance levels than can be formulated from mineral oils alone.
·Shell’s unique active cleansing technology
Actively locks away harmful performance-robbing deposits.
·Active clean-up
Helps to remove sludge left behind by inferior oils 2Excellent wear protection
Helps to extend engine life by protecting against wear, even in daily traffic conditions.
·Excellent resistance to degradation
Helps to maintain protection throughout the oil-drain interval.
·Low-evaporation formulation
Low oil consumption for less frequent top-up.
·Compatible with modern fuels
Suitable for use with biodiesel.

·ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4
·MB-Approval 229.3
·VW 505.00
·Renault RN 0710

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Data sheet

Viscosity engine oil gearbox oil
SAE 10W-40
Approvals Specs
MB-Approval 229.3; VW 505.00; ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4; API CF; Renault RN 0710

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