Glysantin FC G20 Electrified Coolant fuel cells, ECO BMB
  • Glysantin FC G20 Electrified Coolant fuel cells, ECO BMB
  • Glysantin FC G20 Electrified Coolant fuel cells, ECO BMB
  • Glysantin FC G20 Electrified Coolant fuel cells, ECO BMB
  • Glysantin FC G20 Electrified Coolant fuel cells, ECO BMB

Glysantin FC G20 Electrified Coolant fuel cells, ECO BMB

H2 coolant thermal control Glysantin FC G20 fuel cell cooling fluid, Glysantin FC G20 ECO BMB RM Ready Mix,

Coolant for fuel cells Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® Ready-to-use, inhibited radiator protection based on ethylene glycol / water with very low electrical conductivity. Not suitable for combustion engines,

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lube packaging: 120 L drum

Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® (fomerly Glysantin ® FC G20 ReadyMix/50) has been specially developed for use in fuel cell systems such as PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane = Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell) and is not suitable as a conventional coolant in internal combustion engines.

coolant for fuel cells 

Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® is suitable for application temperatures below -30 ° C to + 90 ° C.

Glysantin FC G20 ECO BMB 4x5 Liter packaging (biomass-balancing more below)

Conventional radiator protection agents are unsuitable for use in cooling circuits of fuel cells because of their very high electrical conductivity. Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® has long-term stable and very low electrical conductivity thanks to the use of selected nonionic inhibitors. Thus, a safe, electrical operation of the fuel cell unit is possible.

In addition to heat dissipation, Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® provides safe frost protection down to -36 ° C. The metals commonly used in common cooling systems from PEMFC are well protected against corrosion.

Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® is ready to use, so it does not need to be diluted with water. Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® contains approx. 48Vol% ethylene glycol. Further dilution is possible with distilled or demineralized water, if its electrical

Conductivity is not higher than 2 μS / cm (at 25 ° C). However, as the corrosion protection of Glysantin FC G 20-00 / 50 is reduced, an addition of more than 10% of demineralized water is foreseeable. Addition of ethylene glycol can not significantly improve the antifreeze and also leads to the reduction of corrosion protection


Mixing - even with minor parts - a conventional radiator or other saline media makes the fuel cell coolant unusable. Therefore, pay attention to maximum cleanliness during filling. Opened containers with Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® must be resealed immediately.

Coolant for upstream electrolyzers: Glysantin G64

Electric conductivity

Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® has a frost-protecting effect compared to deionized water. Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® helps to keep the electrical conductivity at a level required for the safety of the system longer than non-inhibited glycol / water mixtures.

This behavior is exemplified by results of a test in which the electrical conductivity does not increase after suitable inhibition of the coolant.

The long-term protection of Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED® can be further increased by using a suitable mixed-bed ion exchanger in the cooling circuit.

Material compatibility (excerpt):

Compatible: Stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, graphite, PTFE, PE

Incompatible: zinc, galvanized steel, cast iron, structural steel

Beware of polymer materials and sealant materials, as these often contain fillers and auxiliaries that can have a negative effect on the electrical conductivity. Examples are: EPDM, PVC, PA66, silicone rubber, Viton.

Get advice before using Glysantin® FC G20 ELECTRIFIED®

Glysantin ECO BMB:

Being the world's first patented engine coolant, GLYSANTIN® is committed to innovation and progress. With our new GLYSANTIN® ECO BMB (biomass-balance) product series, we as a traditional brand now combine our well-known and globally appreciated premium quality and outstanding product performance with a tangible contribution to sustainability.  BASF's biomass balance approach supports the use of renewable raw materials in BASF's integrated production system and thus saves fossil raw materials. With this solution, 100% of the fossil raw materials needed for the production of these products are replaced by certified biomass. Compliance with this claim is verified by REDcert2, provider of certification systems under audit by TÜV Nord. By using less fossil raw materials, the products from the GLYSANTIN® ECO BMB series contribute measurably to the reduction of CO2 emissions in production. 

Thanks to our many years of technical experience, we at GLYSANTIN® do not compromise on quality or performance here and our approvals and recommendations remain valid. The miscibility of conventional GLYSANTIN® products with GLYSANTIN® ECO BMB is technically possible while maintaining the same product quality.


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