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helios heat transfer oil HT 46

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helios Wärmeträgeröl HT 46 has excellent thermal and oxidation stability that minimises deposit formation and viscosity increase leading to extended service life and reduced downtime. Exceptional resistance to thermal cracking and decomposition enables helios Wärmeträgeröl HT 46 to perform well up to a maximum bulk oil temperature of 315°C with minimal interference with heat transfer capability.

lube viscosity: VG 46
lube packaging: 20 Litre pail

helios Wärmeträgeröl HT 46 is a premium quality heat transfer oil intended for use in closed indirect heating systems and is formulated from highly refined paraffinic base stocks to provide excellent oxidation stability and resistance against thermal cracking. Gulf Therm Oil 32 possesses high specific heat and thermal conductivity to provide more rapid heat dissipation and its ability to flow rapidly at low temperatures ensures quick circulation at startup and reduced risk of local over-heating. Although Gulf Therm 32 is thermally very stable and capable of offering extended service life without viscosity increase or deposit formation, it should be realized that the working life depends to a considerable extent on the effectiveness of the measures taken to exclude air. helios Wärmeträgeröl HT 46 is primarily intended for use in enclosed and sealed heating systems where the maximum bulk oil temperature does not exceed 315°C and the maximum oil film temperature does not exceed 340°C.

helios Wärmeträgeröl HT 46 is recommended for closed, indirect heating and cooling systems equipped with expansion tanks in all kinds of industrial processes operating at bulk oil temperatures up to 315°C and for open heating systems provided that the bulk oil temperature does not exceed 180°C.

Flashpoint 220°C, Pourpoint -12°C

Recommended minimum rates of flow in closed circuit systems:

1.5 m/s at temperatures below 205°C
2.0 m/s at temperatures between 205°C and 260°C
3.0 m/s at temperatures between 260°C and 300°C
3.5 m/s at temperatures above 300°C

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