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Fenella Fluid F402 GG hot forging release agent

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Water and graphite based hot forging release agent, is a graphite containing aqueous lubricant specially developed for steel hot forging. Mineral oil and ammonia free.

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Applied with success on both mechanical and screw press, including very severe operations on difficult parts.
Forms a black graphite film on dies with superior release and lubricating properties. The film imporves metal flow during high temperature deformation as a result of high purity and particle size distribution of the graphite used.

Reduces costs and increase productivity - very high lubrication properties, reduces die wear, prevents pick-up and scoring, promotes good metal flow in hot operations on dies up to 400°C

Reduces inventory - suitable for a wide range of metals and appliations.
Easy to use - stable graphite dispersion, can be used as supplied or easily diluted with water to form a dispersion
Operator and Environmentally friendly - mineral oila nd ammonia free

Basic operation: 3-10% in water
Very severe operations: 10-20% in water
Diluted dispersion is applied by an automatic or manual spray system.

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