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HLAS HFC Hydraulic Fluid Analyse

HLAS HFC hydraulic fluid analysis, HFC analysis of flame-retardant hydraulic fluids, HFC sample quantities 250 ml

Investigations Water content in HFC (ASTM D 1123), pH (ASTM D 1287 Mod), spectrometry (aqueous) (In house (ICP)), Millipore sludge 5 μ Teflon (methanol) (NF E 48-652 Mod), viscosity at 40 DegreeC (ASTM D 7279 Mod)

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Use our sample container + sampling slip delivery service, or use our HLAS helios Lube Lab online + app access, reports, sample information slips,

Pay attention to the sampling in quantity and degree of filling of sample bottles

Sample bottles other than those supplied by us lead to increased costs, since other containers usually do not "fit into the machines".