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Shell Naturelle S4 Grease U68AP 1.5


Shell Naturelle S4 Grease U68AP 1.5 Heavy Duty multipurpose offshore and jacking system grease, OSPAR Yellow Rating, NLGI 2, Recommended operating temperature range -20 GradeC (-4 GradeF) GradeC to +150 GradeC (300 GradeF),

Shell Naturelle S4 Grease U68AP 1.5 is primarily intended for the greasing of heavy-duty, slow-moving components and gears exposed to sea water and specifically for offshore jacking systems

Delivery time approx. 60 working days after payment and receipt of order

Grease Packaging: 50 kg Hobbock

·Enhanced load-carrying and wear protection properties

Contains additives to handle shock loads and sustained heavy loads, Excellent mechanical stability even in challenging conditions,

·Excellent mechanical stability even in challenging conditions

Consistency retained during extended operating periods, even when exposed to severe mechanical shear and vibration,

·Effective in wet conditions

Ensures lasting performance even in the presence of large amounts of sea water, and provides excellent corrosion resistance,

·Multi-season use or flexible seasonal change-overs

Suitable for warm weather use (all ambient temperatures down to -20 GradeC (-4 GradeF),

·Excellent corrosion protection in salt water


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