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Bettbahnöl EP wayoil 68, 150, 220

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Slideway oil EP 68, 150 slideway oils EP, slideway oil 220,

Professional high-performance slideway oil with anti-stick-slip properties, very good resistance when using KSS water-miscible cooling lubricants. Suitable for plastic guides. Use for slideways, bearings, hydraulics and gears. Viscosities 68, 150, 220.

lube packaging: 20 Litre pail
lube viscosity: VG 68

In machine tools having different friction pairings at railways and carriage unfolds helios way oils demulsifying and good adhesiveness, thus binding or fixing the slide is avoided.

Are demulsifying high performance-way oils for machine tools. With an additive system, the optimum load bearing characteristics guaranteed. Good demulsibility when used with water based cutting fluids prevent residue formation on the sliding tracks.

  • Good load-carrying and anti-wear property
  • Good demulsibility when used with cooling lubricants
  • Uniform and precision movement even at very low speeds without stick-slip
  • Strong adherence of the oil film on the sliding surfaces allows an extension of the lubrication
  • Good corrosion protection even during prolonged machine downtime
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