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Houghton Stack-Magic ECO-Fv2


Blow Out Preventer Control Fluids BOP wellhead control fluids providing optimum performance and environmental compliance in global locations. STACK-MAGIC ECO-Fv2 has been formulated to meet the current CEFAS and OSPAR requirements and falls into the“yellow” zone for use in Norway and is classified as an “D” within the UK chemical notification scheme with no substitutions. 

lube packaging: IBC 1.000 L LargePackging
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Light red fluorescent fluid
Kinematic viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt 2.5
Specific Gravity at 15.5ºC 1.05
Mixed at 2—5% in water.
Flash Point (IP35 ASTM D-92 None
Freeze Point (IP 12 ASTM D-97) -20ºC
Pour Point (IP 12 ASTM D-97) -17ºC

Houghton have stamped their mark on the subsea BOP fluid market with the early development and introduction of the “Stack-Magic” BOP fluid brand name. This has been followed by the Aqualink brand name for closed loop and subsea systems.
Major drilling rig operators, who demand the most environmentally and technologically advanced products available in the market, have used Stack-Magic BOP fluid concentrates successfully for many years. As a result this high quality product backed by attentive customer support laboratories is now specified worldwide.
Houghton is a major supplier of water-based technology to the Offshore Industry and we recognize and continue to respond to the ever-increasing demands to maximize environmental acceptability with optimum performance in safety critical equipment.

Metals Compatibility
Stack-Magic-ECO-F v2 is suitable for use with steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, brass and anodised aluminium. Zinc, cadmium lead and magnesium should be avoided.
Seals & Elastomers
Stack-Magic-ECO-F v2 is suitable for use with nitrile, butyl, ethylene propylene, silicon and Viton seals. PTFE and water-tolerant nylon are also acceptable.
The products are not compatible with some polyurethane’s.
Seal material properties can vary within a classification depending upon compounding techniques. Compounding can enhance or diminish various properties and characteristics. In the case of Buna "N" and Viton certain formulae will be more resistant to water than others. This can also be said for some of the urethanes. Leather and cork are best avoided. Consult your packing and seal supplier for specific recommendations.
Likely to have a softening and stripping action on conventional paints. Where conventional paint coatings have to be replaced, those with an acrylic, epoxy or silicone base should be suitable.
The products should be ideally stored in dry conditions.

Regarding to Brexit there are changes in packing + manufacturing, 20 L pail off due to high cost certify the cleanliness to NAS 6. Country of Origin Germany-EU