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helios lubeoil® defines the future with the potential to transform our B2B lubricant market.

helios lubeoil's current state (05-2019). Development financing, the objectives have been achieved, ESG + EAL + sustainable products introduced, e-mobility + LNG Mobility as well as additional national and international distribution channels secured. Preparing for the 2nd financing round for external Capital Company in preparation. Interested venture capital investor please contact helios lubeoil CEO. In 2020, the successful implementation of the requirement will be exceeded. Customer success is confirmation. The implementation of further product lines has been implemented, as has the future security with a new product line.

- Positiv Pitch Deck - Seed - Series-A : done
- Proof of Concept - Break even : done
- Scalability Faktor - High - market potential : prosperous
- Milestones contracts and sales reached : prosperous

- Planning Implementation of growth financing is realized in the market

About Offers Venture capital / equity capital Participation in the expansion and increase in sales / earnings and brand we are happy to examine. The upcoming development financing will be limited to fewer investors.

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Until 2017is the current state after extensive examination in Europe, USA and UAE. helios lubeoil has completed the conversion from conservative to generation Y and is leading in digital transformation.

Within the framework of the START UP the financial, corporate structure and leadership is changed. Reinforcement, application and use of our own digital infrastructure harbors more opportunities than risks.

helios lubeoil® has been active in the industrial and commercial oil business since 1919. Before REACh in-house production was common, meanwhile production has been relocated to REACh with familiar works. The customer-specific production and development of greases and lubricants is constantly changing. We meet these requirements in almost all cases and applications. The partially differently oriented businesses lead to a diversification of commercial and economic risks

Investors are welcome. The company structure is family-based and is currently open to current challenges in the world. Various possibilities of investment and / or participation are possible depending on investment and interest. Here, the areas of diesel, fuel, marine oil and lubricants are differentiated in the structure. The starting point is a complete "industry 4.0" enterprise.

The current investor helios lubeoil program is contributing to the financial security and independence of the company.

Investors helios lubeoil are welcome with first-time interest and contribution. Get in contact with the keyword: Investor to get the appropriate contact information.

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