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lube viscosity

lube viscosity

Viscosity engine oil gearbox oil

Viscosity engine oil gearbox oil

Oil Viscosity

Oil Viscosity

EAL Lubes

EAL Lubes

Property lubricants

Property lubricants


  • e-Marine lubes + greases

    Marine + Yachtindustry + Marine Shipyard e-Marine + Superyacht ESG e-lubes + e-greases

  • EAL VGP Lubricating...

    EAL Marine lubricants, Glysacorr G93 anti-corrosion oils, Oil 9156, Shell Marine lubricating oils, marine engine oils, stern tube greases, CPP EAL oils, helios EAL gear oil pure fluid®, helios EAL hydraulic fluids, Klüberbio,

    Environmentally friendly lubricants for controllable pitch propellers - thrusters - paddle wheel drive - stern tubes - thruster bearings - stabilizers - rudder bearings - azimuth drives - drive nacelle lubrication - wire rope and mechanical equipment that plunges into the water.

  • Engine Oils, Gear Oils...

    Marine gear oils, marine marine engine oils, Glysacorr P113, Glysacorr G93, Klüber Marine Klüberbio, UREA AUS40,

    Marine multigrade oils and for some engine, transmission and hydraulic applications, single-grade engine oils are recommended. Also for use in stationary applications such as pumps that run continuously under constant conditions.

  • Frost + Corrosion...

    Motor corrosion protection, Glysacorr G 93, Houghton Oil 9156, Glysantin G113, Glysantin G48, Glysantin G64, Enisis 30, Glysacorr P88; helios antifreeze, silicate-free, nitrite-amine-free, monoethylene glycol, polyporpylene glycol,

    Corrosion protection inhibitors, frost protection, air conditioning systems, provision cooling, cooling water additive, aluminum dual-circuit engine cooling system, Glysacorr G 93-94, Houghton Oil 9156, Glysantin G206, Glysantin G30, G48, Glysantin G64, Enisis 30, Glysacorr P88,

  • Ship supply yachts...

    Ship supply, yacht supply OEM, Jet A1 supply, EAL marine lubricating oils, EAL greases, confidential OEM owner support hydrogen lubricants,

    The supply of ships, tankers, boats, among other things with lubricating oils, greases, corrosion protection, etc. as a reserve or spare part for maintenance and repair - we take refit quickly and competently. Whether Singapore, Marseille, Barcelona or Honululu ... the required fluid will be delivered on time by arrangement. Helios is the supply partner of the owner, shipping company and ship and yacht management.

  • Subsea Fluids Offshore

    Subsea fluids, underwater primary products, underwater plows, deep sea robots, BOP valve fluids, deep sea drilling fluids, BOP Express Services, QuakerHoughton subsea fluids, BASF Drilling Fluids,

    • Blowout preventers (BOPs)
      • Well pressure control equipment on Floater (Drillship & Semi-Submersible) & Jack-Up drilling rigs
      • Environmentally-friendly water glycols. Up to CEFAS “E” registration

    • Drilling Riser-Tensioners on Floater rigs
      • Tensioner cylinders to control riser motion

    • Motion compensators on Floater rigs
      • Tensioner cylinders to control drill-pipe motion

    • Subsea production control systems
      • Deepwater production processes on the ocean floor

    • High-spec drill-pipe
      • Drill-pipe thread & tube corrosion protection

    • Drilling  & completion fluids
      • Additives for fluids used in oil & gas well drilling completion operations

    The data provided are not legally binding as other important information is required before using these products. Please contact us.

    See safety data sheet for handling and disposal. Please note that the safety data sheets contain handling, health and disposal information that should be passed on to your employees, and to other persons who come into contact with our product. Additional advice may also be obtained from your local Houghton representative.

    NOTE: Read and understand all precautions on container labels before using this product.

  • Oilfield Solution Fluids
  • LNG Marine Lubes

    Marine LNG engine oils, LNG engine oil analysis, Urea AUS40, LNG compressor oils,

    Helios class LNG lubricants, UREA AUS40 marine, fuel LNG matched motor oils, gas compressor oils marine, ships, pipeline, LNG compressors operation. Ask about bulk prices and bulk deliveries from 6,000 liters.

  • Diesel Tanks...

    Aquafighter® Keeps Your Fuel Pure + Your Fuel Tank Water-Free From Directly Inside the Tank,
    Aquafighter can be used and works perfectly for all types of applications using diesel, biodiesel, heating oil and non-ethanol/non-methanol gasoline.

    Two very important things. Not only does Aquafighter de-emulsify fuel by removing all water in the fuel to less than 65ppm, Aquafighter also captures and isolates all of this water in a protective gel that is inside the fabric membrane.
    The ability for Aquafighter to capture this water and render it harmless inside the gel is what allows Aquafighter to keep your fuel pure and your tank clean at all times. Without the ability to capture and secure this water largely, it is impossible to have such excellent control over your tank condition and fuel quality. And no other product can complete these two indispensable functions.

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